Web based Hospital / Practice Management Software on the Cloud

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     Veterinary Software - Best Medicine Practice the “Best Veterinary Medicine”

    Explore how a web & cloud based veterinary practice management software can take you into the future with Electronic Medical Record keeping, dogshadesmdand help make you a great doctor along the way.

     Veterinary Software - Veterinary Client Relations “Build Lasting Relationshipswith your clients

    VETport is the finest client communication platform available today. Pet Portal – why pay hundreds of dollars for a separate Pet Portal? VETport Pet Portal is included at no extra charge!

    Veterinary Software - Live in a Bull Market  “Grow Business”  –

    Advanced financial reporting, analytics, compliance, accounting, inventory control, and many process-driven workflows will take your business to the next level and beyond!

    Veterinary Software - into the future  “The Future Platform” –

    Cloud based veterinary medical record and veterinary practice management software is the future.  Access VETport from an iPhone, iPad, Android or any web browser.  Mac, PC or Linux based systems are all compatible.

    pig  “Features You’ll Love”  –

    Packed with fun and useful features.

    VETport’s Unique Selling Proposition makes it the choice for practices with an eye on the future. If you wish to work anytime, anywhere and from any device with a browser then VETport is something you need.

    Multi-Clinic Practices really need VETport. VETport’s unique SOAPing process and detailed EMR creation capability makes it an ideal choice for a specialist practice. If you are just starting up or are a  mobile or home care practice, then VETport is a no brainer and your obvious choice.

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    Advantages of VETport being Web Based and on the Cloud

  • “The Internet has always been, and always will be, a magic doctorpuppy-smbox.” – Marc Andreessen

    Problem Oriented Medical Record

    A Clinical Decision Support System

    Unlock Information in the Medical Record

  • “Your service and commitment to constant improvement is a togetherbreath of fresh air in our culture today.” – VETport user

    Communicate with clients via emails or chat, leave action messages for staff, record discussions into the patient medical record. One can send messages on which work items can be tracked. VETport has an inbuilt Bulletin Board

    VETport is an Internet application. Access the Veterinary practice management software from anywhere in the world! Give access to your practice from outside to your staff and clients.

    All reports, data, records can be emailed to the client at various stages of the treatment process. This ability to email communications between general practitioners, specialists, clients, vendors is a great tool for automation and stops wastage of paper.

    VETport Library:  A Patient Education library which can be accessed from outside by your Clients. This library is being continuously added onto by VETport and it is also possible for the practice to add it’s own data and create it’s own documents.

    Report Cards: This is a very unique way to ensure the client has been updated, informed and educated during the treatment process. Report cards can be emailed and printed.

    Automated and Simple communications: VETport allows you to be in touch with your clients constantly. Most of the emails are automatically sent or you have the option to send an email against a particular activity. Emails are automatically generated or option to send emails, for the following activities:

    • Client Registration – A Welcome Email with Client Login details to your Clinic
    • Invoices and Estimates
    • Pending Statements
    • Electronic Medical Records and attached documents
    • Reminders
    • Boarding / Reminder(s) Certificate
    • Patient Health Report Card
    • Bulletin Board
    • Patient Education (Knowledge base / library documents)
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Follow up communication and Memos
  • Improve scalability using a web based and process driven practice management system

    header-nuetuer1-300x123The species specific soap framework can be created, modified  and refined based on the changing needs and learnings of a practice. This helps build standards and guidelines for all the service providers in the system. Once setup this provides the foundation for scalability. Setting up a new clinic now is just a flip of a switch. New staff will have defined processes that they need to follow.

    Many processes are automated thus reducing chances for errors and this improves patient care. Reduction in costs is just a by-product. This helps to make veterinary care affordable.

    • Automated reminder system for procedures, vaccinations, etc.
    • Automation eliminates repetitive work
    • Automation streamlines revenue, inventory and resource management
    • Automation helps improve content and sharing of communications
  • “The Web as I envisaged, we have not seen it yet. The future gallopingis still so much bigger than the past.” – Tim Berners-Lee

    • Hosted online – no in clinic server deployment
    • No software deployment – Only an internet connection needed
    • Accessible from any pc, mac or phone with a browser, even the iPAD or an Android based device
    • Unique technology enables us to roll out features at a very fast pace
    • Client Side computing enhances the speed of operation and feels that the software is loaded on a local machine
    • Say NO to weeks of training cost, start today, use today. Isn’t this why they invented the internet?

    The core of VETport is its advanced medical record capabilities. VETport’s EMR is an XML document and is Problem Oriented. XML(Extensible Markup Language) is the most advanced language of the Web, for data exchange between disparate systems on different operating systems, and is a standard that is here to stay. The POMR remains the gold standard for medical record keeping.

    Every major corporation is using XML and why? Without getting too technical, an XML document can be processed by any computer system in the world – in short it is the computer world’s common language. VETport’s EMR can be transmitted around the world around the clock for use in other VETport systems, interpreted by disparate computer systems, used for advanced research, analytics and more. One can make full text searches on the EMR to look for just about any thing. Any object can be added to the EMR i.e. PDF files, Doc files, Images and these can be viewed from within the Electronic Medical Record..


  • pawdog“You folks are light years ahead of the rest.”  – VETport user

    The Veterinary practice management software is packed with innovative features and is exciting to use. VETport is a Veterinary Practice Management Software driven by it’s powerful and flexible EMR system. “VETport enables Excellence in Medicine via Technology Driven Workflows”.

    It is a Web and Cloud based Veterinary Practice Management Software.

    Any Size Practice – mobile, referral, institutional

    Productivity, Automation, Advanced Technology

    Inventory Management

    Financial, Analytics, Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Appointments, Admissions & Boarding

    In-House Analyzers, Laboratory & Digital Radiography Integration