A team of technocrats with love for Animals

We aim to serve those veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to the service of animals.

Our Story

"Only the love of our clients kept us going"

VETport was founded in 2004. It was started to make technology accessible for small-scale veterinary practices. We felt that the smaller practices cannot afford an expensive practice management software. So, we made it affordable for them with our cutting-edge mindloose technology & cloud computing. 

Since then, we have come a long way in serving the Veterinary Industry. Now VETport is being used by Big Hospitals, Mid size clinics & small scale practitioners across the globe. It has been a long journey. And, we say only the love of our clients kept us going this long. 

Every day, VETport's cloud-based application is used by over 12,500 Veterinarians across 20+ Countries to serve over 16+ million pets. VETport has revolutionized the veterinary practice management software industry with the launch of the newest update of the software, the Next Gen version. VETport aims to serve those veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to the service of animals.

Our Vision

To become the most used Veterinary Practice Management Software in the world. To be most affordable for small scale veterinary practitioners as well as to serve biggest veterinary clinics with best technology. To provide superior quality technology service to all the stakeholders of the veterinary industry, the veterinarians, the clinic staff, the clients & the animals.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best Veterinary Software experience to all the veterinarians world wide. To promote the use of Practice Management Software across the veterinary industry. To give integrations for all the veterinary labs in the world. To provide the best customer service experience to the clients. To help veterinarians in organizing their practice.