8 Tips to Boost Your Veterinary Practice Team's Performance
Teamwork for veterinary practice
27 NOVEMER 2019

Make Your Practice Team a Part of Your Growth (Because They are the One Who'll Make the Client Exprience Delightful)

Each and every entity in an organization is crucial for its overall growth. The employers, employees and customers play an equally important role in shaping the organization.

It is imperative for an organization to treat their customers as the king - to keep their wish at priority and do as they say. If customers are happy with the services, they will stay with the organization for a long time and even recommend the services to their peers.

Similarly, an important entity of the organization is its employees.

The employees are the building blocks of the organization, and their hard work and efficiency determine the growth of the business.

It is the team effort of all the employees put together, which makes any business successful.

To make the employees feel belonged to the organization in every possible way, the organization needs to give them that respect and love which they deserve. In order for the organization to leverage the employees to their benefit, the organization in return needs to keep its employees motivated at work.

Few ways to motivate your veterinary team:

#1 Give them a pleasant work environment

One major reason of employee demotivation is a boring and monotonous work environment. If you make your workplace more fun and enjoyable for the employees, they would never want to leave you and will stay motivated to put their best foot forward.

#2 Offer rewards and recognition

To make employees feel like a part of the organization, reward and recognise them for their hard work. Give them annual rewards or start a quarterly incentive program.

#3 Share feedback

Make sure that you give regular feedback to your employees- be it positive or negative. It will help them understand their good points or help them learn from their mistakes.

#4 Encourage teamwork

Try to remove any unnecessary hierarchy from the organization. Create an open environment where everyone feels comfortable in interacting with their team, their mentors as well as their juniors.

#5 Understand and address their expectations

Whenever a person becomes a part of an organization, he/she has certain expectations related to work and the company culture. It is the responsibility of the organization to clearly understand those expectations and address them in the most suitable way. Doing this will make the employee feel valued and welcomed in the workplace.

#6 Welcome ideas from employees

Respect ideas coming from each and every employee of your organization. You never know which idea can be a positive changemaker for the progress of your business.

#7 Communicate them the importance of their role

Make the employees understand their roles and responsibilities in the organization and their importance for the growth of the business.

#8 Give them regular coaching and mentoring

According to Harvard Business Review, managers today are overburdened and hence, do not pass on their knowledge, skills and insights through coaching and mentoring. In such a case, organizations need to incentivize and reward managers for doing this. Today’s employees need to engage themselves in regular learning and therefore, need coaching and mentoring from time to time. They like to be updated with what’s new and want to stay ahead of times always. Discuss with employees- the obstacles that they might be facing, their plan for the coming month or week and anything that they would like to learn.

Once your team is motivated, you will be able to leverage their strengths to your organization’s benefit. Engaged and motivated employees are likely to benefit your organization in a number of ways:

Engaged and motivated employees increase profit every year. A study by the Workplace Research Foundation has found that by investing in your employee engagement by 10%, profits can increase by more than $2000 per employee.

Engaged employees have a trickle-down effect on the company. Motivated employees will provide high- level services to the clients, and thus client satisfaction will grow too. With this, profits will increase and, shareholders will receive a better return on their investment.

Motivated employees will take lesser leaves from the organization and also, the attrition rate in the company will be much lower.

A recent Gallup survey on the State of the Global Workplace shows that a way to increase productivity at work is to unleash employees potential by allowing them to identify, develop and use their talent so that they become their strengths. The survey also shows that making better use of the strengths of the employees requires organizations to grant their employees liberty to use their strengths to the maximum. This requires positioning the employees in a way that they give maximum impact to the organization.

Here are the ways by which you can do so:

#1 Know the strengths of your employees

The best way to leverage the strengths of your employees is to know what their strengths are. You can discover their strengths by doing a regular assessment. This will help you understand their core points, what they are good at, and what are the qualities they possess which you can use to your advantage.

#2 Have a direct conversation

Before the start of any project, you can have a strong conversation with all the team members involved in it. Whosoever is confident about a particular task, should be allocated that instead of any task, he/she is not confident in.

#3 Conducting a regular performance review

A performance review will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and at the same time. You will be able to utilise their strengths, and you will also know areas where you need to motivate them to improve.

#4 Take regular feedback from employees

Regular feedback from employees will help you understand how belonged they feel in the organization, and it will also reflect their likes or dislikes regarding the organization.

#5 Relationship building

If you want to extract the best from your employees, you will first need to give them your best. Build relationships so strong that employees do not leave you easily and stand for the organization whenever it is needed from them. If the relationship between the employee and the organization is weak, they won’t think twice before leaving the organization and moving ahead.

Once you know the strengths of your employees, you can figure out ways to use them to your advantage. This will help you maximize the strengths of each of them. Once the strengths are maximized, it will pave the way for your practice team to become a part of your growth.

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