The Veterinary Practice Manager's support system
veterinary practice managers support system
30 November 2010

The Veterinary Practice Manager's support system

In a veterinary practice, the job of a practice manager is quite challenging. It is the most effective and least stressed managers who are able to delegate work well. Governance aided through rightly designed technology is the only means for them to excel in what they do.

The foundation, if built on quality of care, will see them through in the long run and this is needed in a veterinary hospital environment.

It is impossible for these people in charge to manually manage and to carry on the day-to-day operations effectively, as there are chances of errors. The advent of the Internet and web-based veterinary practice management systems on the cloud has lowered cost of entry and simplified the task of managing various activities which in other cases would have led to duplication of work and would have created impediments to meeting timelines and customer expectations.

Web based Vet Practice Management Software

This vet practice management software can be used from a small vet clinic, chain of clinics to even hospitals. A web based support system can simplify the job of a practice manager to a great extent. The software allows the customers to register themselves, request appointments, access their medical records online, print duplicate certificates and other transaction history, publish lab reports as soon as they are available from in-house equipment and from online labs, etc. This eliminates a lot of manual work and thus helps the staff to concentrate on patient care, client communications and marketing.

Some of the features or benefit factors leveraging the fact that the application is online leads to:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Additional revenue streams which were non existent earlier and prevention of revenue leakages
  • In time patient care
  • Faster turnaround of activities
  • Convenience
  • Easier Implementation of Marketing Strategies
  • Improved Communications

The other important task is its implementation. A new initiative means welcoming change. This may seem rather difficult initially; however, if the practice manager takes on the responsibility and gets the hospital employees, clinicians, technicians and other support staff to be open to such changes then this can bring about a positive difference to the way things are run at the practice taking the practice well into the next decade.

Benefits of Remote Access to your Data of your Veterinary Practice

Veterinary practice management is a lot of work. It is definitely time consuming and very tedious with all the record keeping, reporting, communications, analysis, supply chain management that needs to be done. But the good news is that help is available online. One can avail of online veterinary clinic software to make things simpler and efficient.

The online VET clinic software only needs an internet connection and is accessible from any device i.e. a windows PC or laptop, a MAC and even an iPAD. Many good vet practice software’s do not need special software developed for the MAC. Any device with a browser should be good enough no matter what operating system it has.

When it comes to better management of the busy time schedule of a veterinarian, web based online software comes handy. With the web based Veterinary software in place, reporting on examinations can be done from anywhere, request for proposal, purchase ordering, inventory updation can be done in free time or even outsourced. Marketing can also be an outsourced activity with complete security of data. Access to data in case of Emergencies is a great thing to have as data is always online and records are always up to date. Work need not be done only from the practice location and only during office time.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the online web-based veterinary practice management software is ideal for multi clinic setups and even for hospitals. It gives complete freedom for patients to move between clinics and also supports staff movement between practices. Clients can even login to access patient records (i.e. Veterinary EMR- Electronic Medical Record) and other services. For mobile VETs, being able to access client information on a cell phone or an iPAD is a big bonus. Images from a remote site can be taken on a cell phone and emailed into the online software so as to be inserted directly into the patients medical record. This also forms an excellent means of communication when treatment is done by a Veterinary Specialist. The discussions logs, treatment and examination communications are seamless between the General Practitioner, Specialist and the Owner.

A properly set up and well managed software gives you the freedom to access information from anywhere in the world, anytime as per your convenience, from the comfort of your home or even just your phone. Now isn’t that a boon?

The outcome that an online management software can generate is mind boggling especially, in today’s fast paced, multitasking generation. The choice of the right veterinary management software, packed with brilliant features, and usability is what will trigger a brighter future in terms of better work management for veterinary practitioners. Choose a Veterinarian Practice Management software on the Cloud and you will spend a small fraction of the cost is you had to do it yourself.