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which veterinary school is best
04 August 2022

Which veterinary school is the best? - Top 100 in the world in 2023

Veterinary is among the noblest but also one of the most challenging professions out there. People who aim to become a veterinarian are passionate, love animals and find peace in treating them. It requires a lot of skill not only to treat patients but to handle complex situations, build client relationships, run a veterinary practice, handle burnout and a lot more. Only a good veterinary school can prepare you for the challenges of being a veterinarian.

To help you find and explore the best veterinary school,We have curated a list of top ranking vet universities in the world.

List of 100 Best Veterinary Universities In The World.

Sl.No. University Location Website
1. University of California - Davis California, United States Visit
2. Sao Paulo State University Sao Paulo, Brazil Visit
3. Cornell University New York State, United States Visit
4. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala, Sweden Visit
5. Utrecht University Utrecht, Netherlands Visit
6. University of London England, United Kingdom Visit
7. Royal Veterinary College University of London England, United Kingdom Visit
8. University of Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil Visit
9. University of Bristol England, United Kingdom Visit
10. Ghent University Ghent, Belgium Visit
11. University of Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom Visit
12. University of Georgia Georgia, United States Visit
13. Wageningen University Wageningen, Netherlands Visit
14. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Minnesota, United States Visit
15. University of Guelph Ontario, Canada Visit
16. University of Florida Florida, United States Visit
17. University of Zurich Zurich, Switzerland Visit
18. University of Pretoria Pretoria, South Africa Visit
19. Colorado State University - Fort Collins Colorado, United States Visit
20. University of Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark Visit
21. Massey University Palmerston North, New Zealand Visit
22. Iowa State University Iowa, United States Visit
23. Texas A&M University - College Station Texas, United States Visit
24. University of Queensland St Lucia, Australia Visit
25. North Carolina State University at Raleigh North Carolina, United States Visit
26. University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Vienna, Austria Visit
27. University of Sydney Sydney, Australia Visit
28. University of Liverpool England, United Kingdom Visit
29. University of Wisconsin - Madison Wisconsin, United States Visit
30. University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Illinois, United States Visit
31. Johns Hopkins University Maryland, United States Visit
32. Kansas State University Kansas, United States Visit
33. Norwegian University of Life Sciences Aas, Norway Visit
34. Ohio State University Ohio, United States Visit
35. Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Visit
36. Federal University of Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte, Brazil Visit
37. Michigan State University Michigan, United States Visit
38. University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia Visit
39. University College Dublin Dublin, Ireland Visit
40. University of Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom Visit
41. University of Oxford England, United Kingdom Visit
42. University of Helsinki Helsinki, Finland Visit
43. Autonomous University of Barcelona Cerdanyola del Valles, Spain Visit
44. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Faisalabad, Pakistan Visit
45. Imperial College London England, United Kingdom Visit
46. Technical University of Denmark Kongens Lyngby, Denmark Visit
47. Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh, Bangladesh Visit
48. University of Liege Liege, Belgium Visit
49. Tehran University of Medical Sciences Tehran, Iran Flag Iran Visit
50. Murdoch University Murdoch, Australia Visit
51. Complutense University of Madrid Madrid, Spain Visit
52. University of Bern Bern, Switzerland Visit
53. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Virginia, United States Visit
54. Washington State University Washington, United States Visit
55. Purdue University Indiana, United States Visit
56. University of Arizona Arizona, United States Visit
57. Free University of Berlin Brandenburg, Germany Visit
58. Mahidol University Nakhon Pathom, Thailand Visit
59. Indian Veterinary Research Institute Uttar Pradesh, India Visit
60. University of Arkansas Arkansas, United States Visit
61. University of Nebraska - Lincoln Nebraska, United States Visit
62. University of Pennsylvania United States | Pennsylvania Visit
63. University of Milan Lombardia, Italy Visit
64. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre, Brazil Visit
65. University of Ibadan Ibadan, Nigeria Visit
66. University of British Columbia British Columbia, Canada Visit
67. University of Munich Bavaria, Germany Visit
68. Islamic Azad University, Shirvan Shirvan, Iran Flag Iran Visit
69. Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel Visit
70. University of Bari Puglia, Italy Visit
71. University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad Karnataka, India Visit
72. University of Tennessee - Knoxville Tennessee, United States Visit
73. University of Nottingham England, United Kingdom Visit
74. National Autonomous University of Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Visit
75. Normal Superior School Ile-de-France, France Visit
76. University of Tehran Tehran, Iran Visit
77. University of Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island, Canada Visit
78. University of Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya Visit
79. Putra Malaysia University Serdang, Malaysia Visit
80. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, Greece Visit
81. Sokoine University of Agriculture Morogoro, Tanzania Visit
82. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria Visit
83. Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium Visit
84. University of Cambridge England, United Kingdom Visit
85. State University of Londrina Londrina, Brazil Visit
86. Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Louisiana, United States Visit
87. University of the West Indies, Mona Mona, Jamaica Visit
88. University of Kentucky Kentucky, United States Visit
89. University of California - Berkeley California, United States Visit
90. Federal University of Santa Maria Santa Maria, Brazil Visit
91. Oklahoma State University Oklahoma, United States Visit
92. Auburn University Alabama, United States Visit
93. Harvard University Massachusetts, United States Visit
94. University of Bologna Emilia-Romagna, Italy Visit
95. University of Warwick England, United Kingdom Visit
96. Cairo University Giza, Egypt Visit
97. Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro Seropedica, Brazil Visit
98. University of Calgary Alberta, Canada Visit
99. Federico II University of Naples Campania, Italy Visit
100. University of Cordoba Cordoba, Spain Visit

What Should You Look For While Choosing The Best Vet School?

Fees of the curriculum

When choosing your veterinary school, among other things you must consider and compare the curriculum fee. You will see a huge difference in numbers when it comes to out-of-state tuition versus in-state tuition. Also, you will also need to include your living expenses. That would give you a complete picture of the total investment required.


Location can be a big factor because of many reasons. Do you want to stay close to your family? What kind of weather suits you? What kind of opportunities awaits you? The answer to all these valid questions is the location of your veterinary university. Also, consider the cost of flying in and out of the city for holidays. And if you are somebody who loves traveling and exploring then location is a must criteria to add to your list.

Hands-on Training

You must look at veterinary universities that emphasize hands-on experience because many DVM graduates pursue postgraduate programs and seek additional veterinary training after their completion of graduation because they don’t feel prepared for full-time employment. The reason behind this is lack of hands-on experience.

Research thoroughly on the program before you enroll. You can get some hints from the veterinary school’s website. But to get a better understanding, reach out to the current students and the alumins. Share your queries about the programs and career opportunities post-completion of the program.

Opportunities to explore your interests

You will be starting off with general veterinary medicine, going forward in the program you might develop an interest in equestrian veterinary medicine or some other specialization. At that certain point, your veterinary school should support you to focus and explore in those arenas and not pose any limitations.

World-Class Facilities

Technology is an integral part of veterinary medicine and it’s rapidly evolving. To keep up with the technological advances in veterinary medicine your vet university must have modern facilities, equipments and should be quick in adopting new technologies. Again, you can get some ideas from the veterinary school’s website but the best option is to take a tour. If you can, try to tour your prospective best veterinary school, which will help you draw a complete picture.

Off-Campus Training Opportunities

Sometimes spending time at Veterinary university teaching hospitals is not enough. Practising at a private veterinary clinic can be very different from what you might have experienced in vet school. Make sure to check how much time you can spend off campus to train at other sites during your clinical years.

A few other things you can look at while choosing your best veterinary school are the class size, the average class size in veterinary universities has gone up from 50 to 100. The smaller the class the better for you. Second, does the veterinary school have a teaching hospital? Many of them do, and few don’t. So make sure to add it as a criterion to your list.

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