how veterinarians can leverage business analytics
How Veterinarians Can Leverage Business Analytics
May 25, 2018

You’ve probably heard your ‘techie’ buddy or clients talk extensively about business analytics, business intelligence, and data analytics. Unless you’re a veterinarian born with a natural flair for numbers, these would never be your cup of tea. The two subjects ...

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Online Booking of Appointment for Veterinary Clinics
Online Booking of Appointment: Best practices for Veterinary Clinics
January 23, 2018

If you are someone who has been into veterinary practice for years, you must have been approached by online appointment booking solutions companies. And, if you are one of those VETs who have ignored the online appointments in the past, then this article is for you...

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8 reasons to send postcards to the clients of your veterinary clinic
8 Reasons to Send Postcards to the Clients of Your Veterinary Clinic
November 11, 2018

World’s first postcard was sent in the year 1840. And, since then postcard has grown to become a mainstream channel of communication. Throughout the 20th century, postcard stayed as the most popular and reliable among all the mediums of communication...

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how changing technology is helping veterinary medicine and veterinary practice
How changing technology is helping Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Practice
June 11, 2018

Technological advancements have helped improve the quality of not just human life but also that of the animals dear to them. The field of veterinary medicine has witnessed transformations in leaps and bounds, enabling veterinary practitioners to make faster diagnoses...

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how to choose the best software solution for your veterinary clinic
How Veterinary Practice Management Software Helps Market Your Clinic and Increase Revenues
August 25, 2018

A veterinary practice management software (PMS) helps veterinarians with many different functions relating to their practice. In addition to streamlining and enabling smooth operations, such solutions also help keep track of your clinic’s performance, reach out to potential clients, and improve customer loyalty...

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How to choose the Best software solution for your veterinary clinic
May 03, 2018

Today, it has become a difficult job to manage a veterinary clinic without the use of Practice Management Software(PMS). With the help of veterinary computer programs, practice owners organise the clinic’s operations, take care of billing, manage schedules and store the information about patients...

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reasons why your veterinary clinic needs a website
5 Reasons why your veterinary clinic needs a Website
April 13, 2018

In today’s digital world websites are the face of any business. Veterinary Clinics are among the few businesses which have undermined the importance of having a website for their clinic. Nearly 73% of veterinary clinics across the world do not have a website. Without having online presence, it gets very difficult to sustain a business these days...

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Grow your Veterinary Practice
Grow your Veterinary Practice by following these Simple Steps
March 27, 2018

Are you one of those veterinarians whose practice has become stagnant? Same clients, same old pets, no new faces! If you wish to grow your client base by following the best practices, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss some simple techniques that every veterinarian can follow to increase the number of footfall...

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